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About Us

Ulisse was conceived in 2017 as being a social advancement association which promotes experiential tourism. Ulisse is committed to making this new form of cultural tourism accessible to the deaf community.

From 2019, Ulisse is a community of deaf people with an immense passion for travel. Ulisse promoted the deaf culture, the International Sign, and a lively and open debate on themes such as sustainable tourism, social innovation, and “neet” deaf people education (a young person who is not in the education system and is not working or being trained for work).

Ulisse was created in Puglia, but is open to the world:

  • a small group of young people in Foggia said “come on, let’s give it a try!” (2017)
  • the first International Sign class of southern Italy was organized by Ulisse in Lecce, involving 15 young Apulians interested in tourism and hospitality (2018)
  • the first Ulisse Camp was set up in Bari. A unique and innovative format where participants, both deaf and hearing, are involved in cultural and experiential activities (2019)
  • the second Ulisse Camp was set up in Budapest, and confirmed the success of this format (2019)
  • Ulisse launches its first web-based platform on the Italian Sign Language and International Sign (2020)

What is a Ulisse Camp? It’s an opportunity to interact and a chance to grow for deaf and hearing people with a passion for experiential tourism.

How does it work? The Camp is made of 4 activities:

  • Ulisse local game – a team game to discover the city historic center
  • International Sign class – with a focus on tourism and hospitality
  • Local experience – a local friend suggests traditional experiences to enjoy together
  • World café – an open debate guided by mediators and opinion leaders in the Italian Sign Language and International Sign about tourism, accessibility and deaf culture-related themes.

The team in charge

  • Addolorata Giardiello – President of the association 
  • Marta Fusaro – Communication
  • Luana Stramaglia – Research & Development

The team that has supported us (in chronological order)

Mirko della Grazia, Anna Cernicchiaro, Giuliano Cangiano, Monica Renna, Laura Caporali, Sarah D’Arpe, Tim Cepele, Luca Bolognesi, Luisa Anna Sala, Gabriele Serpi, Lorenzo Laudo, Olivier Fildago, Monica Catalano, Katia Trinari, Sandro Scanga, Daniela Guadagno, Monica Cagliani, Zoltan Varkoly, Hetrovicz Máté, Tatiana Trofimova, Boriana Topchieva, Vincenzo Speranza, Giovanna Giardiello, Loretta Da Costa Perrone, Lara Aquilino, Ether Stella.

Organizations we had the pleasure to work with

GLocal (Lecce), Trasiti Travel (Palermo), Actis – Voyage (Parigi), Hands to discover (Lisbona – Porto), Deaf Travel (Madrid), Deaf People Association (Malta), Deaf TV (Bulgaria), SINOZ (Budapest), Mason Perkins (Siena), a|cube (Milano), Cariplo Factory (Milano).

Ulisse has been supported by

ARTI and Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili e cittadinanza sociale of Puglia region (“PIN” call for bids), European Commission (European Social Innovation Competition), Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore Foundation (“Get it!” program).