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Are you a Tourist Guide?

Ulisse would like to map professional travel guides that in Italy and abroad can provide services in Sign Language (both national and international).

Tourism is a right for everyone. It is a fundamental element for promoting social inclusion especially to people with disabilities. Ulisse’s aim is to create a travel experience for deaf people which can be satisfying, full, and without communication and emotional barriers.

What does it mean?

Travelling means daydreaming, planning an itinerary, discovering new places, doing research. Sometimes you’ll have to find alternative solutions, use public or private transportations, ask for information and advice. Travelling improves your patience and curiosity, running into new cultures and getting to know new people. In a nutshell: Travelling means living an educational and convivial experience.

Deaf people often encounter several difficulties to accomplish these actions. Most times they do not get discouraged and travel anyway, whether it’s a deserved vacation or an extraordinary adventure. But can you imagine how much more satisfied would they be, or how much more would they travel, if there were trips specifically designed for them?

Are you a licensed tourist guide who knows one or more sign languages?


Are you a tourist guide who would like to learn one or more sign languages?

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