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Propose an experience: become a Local Friend


The Local Friend is a deaf person who offers its time to tourists that visit his or her city: he/she goes with them and suggests the most interesting things to see and experience together.


Strolls in the historic center, bike tours, a trip to the beach, photographic tours, a cooking class, mountain hikes… any experience is better if done in good company!


When the Local Friend is free and wants to! He/she gives his/her availability and he/she will be then contacted by tourists visiting his/her city.


The Local Friend is a sociable person who wants to make some new friends!


The Local Friend suggests a specific experience and tells if there is a cost for the tourist, e.g. a bike rental or a happy hour in a coffee bar in downtown. Ulisse posts the experience on the website and puts the interested tourists in contact with the Local Friend.

Can the Local Friend receive compensation?

Yes, the Local Friend can establish a fee for his service. If he/she does not have a VAT number or equivalent, the Local Friend will have to make a declaration for an occasional provision of services (facsimile available here), or European equivalent. Ulisse will deposit the compensation to the Local Friend within 30 business days. If you have any doubts about how the occasional provision of services works, please watch the tutorial below. 

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