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Organize an adventure: become an Adventure Coordinator


The Adventure Coordinator is a person who has:

  • time
  • good organizational skills
  • travel experience
  • desire to leave for an adventure!

The Adventure Coordinator organizes the trip for himself and for a group of unknown travelers, he accompanies the tourists and suggests the most interesting things to see and do altogether.


An adventure is a trip far from home (Russia, China, Japan, Latin America, etc.), where there’s a need to organize an itinerary, transportations and overnight stays, as interesting things to see in a foreign country are always too many in a short amount of time!


The Adventure Coordinator suggests a specific travel itinerary (departure point, places to visit, means of transportation, where to stay overnight) and makes an estimate of the total cost of the trip. Ulisse publishes the adventure on the website and gathers participants, creating a travel group ready to leave and make some new friends!


When the Adventure Coordinator is free and wants to! The Adventure Coordinator organizes the trip and the departure date as well. The other participants will have to adapt to the chosen dates.


The Adventure Coordinator travels for free, as he has the responsibility of organizing and accompanying groups of tourists, who become his/her fellow travelers!

Can the Adventure Coordinator receive compensation?

Yes, the Adventure Coordinator can establish a fee for his service. If he/she does not have a VAT number or equivalent, the Adventure Coordinator will have to make a declaration for an occasional provision of services (facsimile available here), or European equivalent. Ulisse will deposit the compensation to the Adventure Coordinator within 30 business days. If you have any doubts about how the occasional provision of services works, please watch the tutorial below.

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